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Dominator DD-1 deposit safe

The compact sized DD-1 is the smallest in the DD Series, allowing fast and efficient deposits without the need to open the main door. The direct locking configuration allows more cost efficient security for retail applications.


Dominator DD-2 deposit safe

The DD-2 deposit safe allows easy conversion to high security locking devices by introducing a handle driven bolt locking design. The internal area is larger than the DD-1, allowing more storage area for cash and retails deposits.


Dominator DD-3 deposit safe

The DD-3 is the first size to introduce a separate internal compartment that catches the deposited items and stores them separate to the other holdings. This feature allows you to provide staff access to change or other items, without accessing the main cash deposits.


Dominator DD-4 deposit safe

The DD-4 provides large open space storage for deposits, without separating access to the internal areas. The internal compartment includes adjustable shelving to allow individual configuration and can be removed if large open spacing is required.


Dominator DD-5 deposit safe

The DD-5 is the largest deposit safe in the DD Series. The interior also includes the key lockable compartment to separate deposited items from the below storage area, allowing users to freely access the relevant compartments without compromising security. The main storage compartment is fitted with adjustable shelving to allow configuration to suit unique applications and requirements.


Dominator DF-1 in-floor safe

While the DF-1 is the smallest in the series, it’s still large enough to securely store treasured valuables inside. With a removable lid and versatile locking options, the DF-1 is the perfect domestic below ground safe.


Dominator DF-2 in-floor safe

An efficient use of space, additional locking points and increased security features found in the DF-2 safe allow it to provide unrivalled value for money.


Dominator DF-3 in-floor safe

Commercial internal sizing in the DF-3 safe allows for higher than average storage capacity requirements without needing to pay for unnecessary commercial safe features.


Dominator DF-4 in-floor safe

The increased height in the DF-4 improves accessibility without imposing further on floor space. The narrow profile allows installations where limited depth of space is available.