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High quality commercial and specialty safes

With over 50 years combined experience in the safe and security industry, the team behind Dominator Safes have applied their expertise in all models of our expensive product range.

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HIgh security firearms safes for pistols, rifles or a combination of the two. Our gun safes provide compliance AND real security in one.

High Quality Commercial & Residential Safes

Commercial Safes

Commercial Safes

Deposit Safes

Deposit Safes

Drug & Pharmaceutical Safes

Drug/Pharmacy Safes

Fire Resistant Safes

Fire Resistant Safes

Gun Safes & Cabinets

Gun Safes & Cabinets

Home Safes

Home Safes

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In Floor Safes

Safe Locks & Accessories

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Burglary or fire can be devastating. You can reduce the potential impact in your life by properly securing your most valuable possessions in a high security, fire-resistant safe.



Strict and highly detailed quality inspections are undertaken at multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the best possible product gets delivered every time.



As unfortunate as it is, there is a growing need to secure your business and personal valuables from theft and a quality burglar safe is the best place to start.

About Us

How we Dominate

Dominator Safes is a Western Australian owned and operated business, manufacturing and delivering top-tier domestic, commercial and specialty safes.

Maximum security is at the forefront of our safe production, which is why we conduct testing at international facilities to achieve high-level certifications for penetration resistance and fire protection.

As a trusted name in safe brands Australia-wide, we provide optimal functionality and intelligent design along with the opportunity for complete configuration with our Infinity by Dominator series.

Along with the manufacturing and distribution of superior quality safes, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service, expert advice, and superb installation, service and maintenance services.

With our extensive product range available across 70 independent retailers, we work closely with our professional network of safe dealers to ensure you receive the safe best suited to your needs and exceptional service no matter where you are located across Australia.


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Why Dominator?

There are many options available when choosing a safe to secure your most valued possessions, as well as securing business essentials. Dominator Safes is in a class of its own when it comes to providing solutions for these requirements, as well as a variety of specialty applications.

High security safes come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for different environments and applications. Commercial safes, domestic safes, fire safes, gun safe, drug safe, all types have different requirements that must be met in their unique ways.

Our firearm safes are made with a minimum of two times the regulation requirements of material thickness and security locking devices, using only the best safe locks brands from around the globe.

Dominator Safes' pharmaceutical drug safes are made to exceed all State and Territory regulatory requirements for Scheduled drug storage and provide adaptable, easy-to-use locking solutions to make integration simple.

Our commercial safes cater for cash management, sensitive information and industrial equipment storage applications, ensuring the best solution to all commercial industries.

Dominator Safes domestic range provide unparalleled home security storage, combining convenience with integrity and function, making them the number one domestic security and fire safe in the Country.

About Us

How our company evolved

In 2007, Dominator Safes began, from a small centrally located showroom in Perth, Western Australia, producing high-security safes for the purpose of supplying the Australian market with a cost-efficient security option for home and commercial valuables storage.

Our flagship DS Series provided an exceptional platform to build off, beginning with just 5 models in the product catalogue.

By 2012, the brand expanded, to a permanent assembly and distribution facility north of Perth, increasing to more than 25 different models of high-security safes, providing solutions for a variety of additional applications, including specialised domestic, and unique industrial applications.

Now, in 2021, Dominator Safes is one of Australia’s premier safe brands, distributed by over 100 resellers and present in 3 countries, producing over 75 different models.

Our high-security safes, have expanded to include firearm, pharmaceutical, retail and even luxury models, cementing own foundation as one of Australia’s best safe brands.

About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

While there are a number of versatile, multi-purpose safes included in the product range, different security applications require different styles or types of safes to provide an efficient, secure solution. You should consider a variety of factors when choosing the safe that is right for you, such as:

  • Do you need protection from fire as well as theft?
  • Does the safe need to comply with any specific secure storage regulations?
  • How often will the safe be accessed?
  • What volume of storage space will be suitable?

Some of these answers are found in the following FAQs, however our expert team can gladly assist you in answering these questions and more to narrow down your search and ensure the right safe for your unique application.

One safe at a time

Securing Australia

Dominator Safes® is an Australian owned safe brand, committed to the design and supply of the highest quality domestic, commercial and specialty safes.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the safe and security industry, the team behind Dominator Safes® has applied their expertise to each and every safe they design.

With an extensive product range utilising premium Italian, US and Australian made locking systems, including gun safes, floor safes and fireproof safes, we’re able to uphold the most efficient and effective designs executed throughout our manufacturing process.

Get the best security for your home with Dominator Safes®

All safes in the Dominator Safes product catalogue are uniquely designed, tested and quality assured by our team of safe professionals.

All quality control processes are carried out in our head office and warehouse facility in Wangara, Western Australia before being distributed through, and supported by, our extensive professional dealer network across Australia.

Dominator Safes carry Australia's best warranty because we genuinely stand behind our products. It is the combination of experience, integrity and service that makes Dominator Safes the obvious choice for securing your most valuable possessions.

Better safe... than sorry.