Dominator DF-1

Main Features

  • External dimensions 214mm h x 235mm w x 305mm d
  • Internal dimensions 208mm h x 229mm w x 245mm d
  • Weight 21kg
  • Capacity 16L
  • Internal fittings n/a
  • Paint finish Textured black paint
  • Locking points 1
  • Lock options LaGard Basic electronic, LaGard Group 2 mechanical combination or Ross 700 key lock
  • Cash Rating $10,000
Depth dimensions DO NOT include lock, handle and hinges. Please confirm additional dimension with retailer prior to purchase.


  • Solid 12mm thick steel door and reinforced framing
  • Reinforced base plate for secure installation
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Cover plate for concealing location
  • Recessed door allows flush mounting
  • Fully removable door for clear access to storage area.
  • Spring loaded relocking system
  • Direct locking square bolt configuration
  • Universal lock footprint for easy lock conversion
  • 5 year structural warranty to safe*
  • US made LaGard digital locks or Australian made key locks as standard
  • Durable painted finish
  • Easy lift handle


With the direct locking and removable lid configuration, the DF-1 is the perfect entry level below ground safe to allow concealed security.

Finished with a steel concealment cover plate, the compact size allows versatile installation and ease of access.

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