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Dominator Safes are designed using a “universal footprint” safe lock mounting pattern, to enable the easy conversion and adaptation to alternate lock types without needing custom modifications. Utilising the best quality locks from the best brands in the world, Dominator Safes can supply and install any lock prior to dispatch, for ease and convenience.

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Including key operated safe locks, mechanical combination safe locks and a high security electronic safe lock from all major local and international brands, Dominator Safes is sure to have a solution to any access and security requirements you may have.

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Why Dominator?

There are many options available when choosing a safe to secure your most valued possessions, as well as securing business essentials. Dominator Safes is in a class of its own when it comes to providing solutions for these requirements, as well as a variety of specialty applications.

High security safes come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for different environments and applications. Commercial safes, domestic safes, fire safes, gun safe, drug safe, all types have different requirements that must be met in their unique ways.

Our firearm safes are made with a minimum of two times the regulation requirements of material thickness and security locking devices, using only the best safe locks brands from around the globe.

Dominator Safes' pharmaceutical drug safes are made to exceed all State and Territory regulatory requirements for Scheduled drug storage and provide adaptable, easy-to-use locking solutions to make integration simple.

Our commercial safes cater for cash management, sensitive information and industrial equipment storage applications, ensuring the best solution to all commercial industries.

Dominator Safes domestic range provide unparalleled home security storage, combining convenience with integrity and function, making them the number one domestic security and fire safe in the Country.