Deposit Safes

Secure cash management can be tricky to achieve in any situation, especially where different levels of access to cash are required.

With 5 size options and various configurations and functions, the DD series has suitable solutions for dozens of different cash management applications. Scroll down to find out more.

Dominator Safes® DD, TD, UC and PSD Series deposit safes are designed to provide limited access to the inside compartments of the safe, while allowing easy access to deposit cash or valuables through and secure deposit drawer or slot.


Tilt / Drawer Deposit Safes

Utilising pull down or slide out drawer systems, these deposit safes provide versatile use for cash management applications.

Postal Slot Deposit Safes

The front postal slot style deposit safes are ideal for where space is limited, allowing easy deposits in compact sized safes.

Rotating Deposit Safes

The top mounted rotating deposit chute allows the safe to be incorporated into point of safe counter installations and maintain the high security safe features.

  • protect


    Fire can be devastating, but you can reduce the potential impact on your life and protect your valuables by installing a fire resistant safe.

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    As unfortunate as it is, there is a growing need to secure your business and personal valuables from theft, and a quality burglar safe is the best place to start.

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    Strict and highly detailed quality inspections are undertaken at multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the best possible product gets delivered every time.

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