Dominator Safes are designed using a “universal footprint” safe lock mounting pattern, to enable the easy conversion and adaptation to alternate lock types without needing custom modifications. Utilising the best quality locks from the best brands in the world, Dominator Safes can supply and install any lock prior to dispatch, for ease and convenience.

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Including key operated safe locks, mechanical combination safe locks and a high security electronic safe lock from all major local and international brands, Dominator Safes is sure to have a solution to any access and security requirements you may have.

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High security electronic safe locks offer ease of use without sacrificing security, while providing dozens of additional features and options, such as multiple user registration, time delay and audit trail recording.


Mechanical combination safe locks provide exceptional security and reliability at efficient pricing. Without the need to carry keys, you can quickly and easily access your safe using a preset combination while maintaining the high level of secured offered by other high-quality safe locks.


High security locks provide simplicity and security with the turn of a key. Using manipulation and pick resistant safe lock designs, in conjunction with our safe relocking systems, all of our key lock products provide peace of mind with minimal cost and setup.

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    Fire can be devastating, but you can reduce the potential impact on your life and protect your valuables by installing a fire-resistant safe.

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    As unfortunate as it is, there is a growing need to secure your business and personal valuables from theft, and a quality burglar safe is the best place to start.

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    Strict and highly detailed quality inspections are undertaken at multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the best possible product gets delivered every time.

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