Main Features

  • External dimensions 1500mm h x 800mm w x 570mm d
  • Internal dimensions 1355mm h x 725mm w x 415mm d
  • Door open width 1295 mm
  • Door open depth 1445 mm
  • Weight 425kg
  • Capacity 16 Large Rifles or 24 Small Rifles & pistols
  • Internal Fittings adjustable shelving throughout
  • Paint finish Textured black paint
  • Locking points 12
  • Lock options LaGard Basic electronic, LaGard Group 2 mechanical combination or Ross 700 key lock
  • Bolt down provisions 4 internal bolt holes
  • Fire Rating 105 minute CNS Certified
  • Cash Rating $50,000 in an unsupported situation
Depth dimensions DO NOT include lock, handle and hinges. Please confirm additional dimension with retailer prior to purchase.


  • Designed to exceed all State and Territory firearm storage regulations
  • 105 minute CNS Certified fire rating
  • 102mm steel and concrete door and 45mm steel and concrete filled body
  • Multi direction solid steel bolt work comprising 12 locking bolts
  • Shaped adjustable barrel support shelf for up to 16 large rifles or 24 small rifles & pistols
  • Highest quality LaGard electronic or group 2 rated mechanical combination locking system fitted as standard
  • Pre fabricated bolt down installation provisions
  • Optional, internal or external key lockable ammunition storage compartment
  • Case mounted relocking device to prevent punch type attacks
  • Dual Glass relocking devices to prevent drilling attacks


Utilising the design of the commercial DS Series the GC-5 provides exceptional security for both firearms and valuables.

With the flexibility to allow simple conversion to key, mechanical combination or electronic digital safe locks, you can find a balance between effective security and ease of use for all applications.

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