Tecnosicurezza Pulse 2 user electronic safe lock

  • Number of user codes Two (One manager, one user)
  • Code length Six-digit user and manager codes
  • Override reset option No - Master code always required
  • Power source External 9v alkaline battery
  • Wrong try penalty Yes - 5 minute lockout after 4 incorrect entries

  • Universal lock fitting design
  • Simple-to-use electronic lock
  • Time delay programming (1-99 minutes)
  • Membrane (Keypad) health test
  • External battery housing

About Tecnosicurezza

Founded in 1983 with the aim of making available to the market a complete range of professional products, Tecnosicurezza is now a well established reality in the field of locks and security systems for safes.

Tecnosicurezza is available in the Italian , Spanish and the United States markets and, through an extensive distribution network, in many other European and non-European countries.

The experience acquired in over 35 years of business in the security industry, has allowed the conception and realization of systems of high-technology and reliability, which continue to meet the approval of an increasingly demanding clientele.

Tecnosicurezza addresses domestic and international customers of primary importance, such as banks, safe manufacturers, Cash In Transit companies, retail chains and post offices.

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