Commercial Safes FX-80

Main Features

  • External dimensions 800mm h x 790mm w x 750mm d
  • Internal dimensions 620mm h x 610mm w x 460mm d
  • Door open width 1490mm
  • Door open depth 1425mm
  • Weight 825kg
  • Capacity 170L
  • Internal Fittings 2 adjustable shelves
  • Paint finish Textured black paint
  • Locking points 7
  • Lock options LaGard Basic electronic or LaGard Group 2 mechanical combination AND Ross 700 key lock
  • Bolt down provisions 2 internal recessed bolt holes
  • Fire Rating 105 minute CNS Certified
  • Cash Rating $350,000 recommended in unsupported application
Depth dimensions DO NOT include lock, handle and hinges. Please confirm additional dimension with retailer prior to purchase.


  • Over 90mm thick body and 200mm thick door
  • CNS 105 min fire tested and certified
  • Underwriters Laboratories UL-TL30x6 certification
  • Internal hardened steel anti drill plates
  • Multiple glass plate relocking device
  • Side wall drill deflector plates
  • Steel/concrete wall and door composite material
  • Internal reinforced and recessed bolt down provisions
  • Universal lock footprint for easy lock conversion
  • 5 year structural warranty to safe*
  • US made LaGard digital locks or Australian made key locks as standard
  • Up to 9 stage textured paint finish including clear coat protection
  • Internal adjustable shelving


The FX Series commercial safes are made with custom fabricated wall and door framework, filled with high pressure concrete barrier material, giving it the ultimate resistance to grinders, drills and torches.

The FX-80 provides maximum security in a smaller size, allowing ultra-high security in commercial applications. The FX Series safes also achieve the new security requirements for handgun repairers, dealers and manufacturers in Western Australia.

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