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Dominator PSD-1 deposit safe

The PSD-1 deposit box is a very popular option for retail applications, dues to its compact size, but the ability to be fitted with an electronic lock efficiently. The handle operate 3 x 32mm diameter locking bolts and the body and frame are made with a combination of 6mm and 12mm thick steel plate, making it a formidable cash deposit safe for high security applications.


Dominator UC-1 deposit safe

The UC-1 under counter safe is a very compact cash deposit safe which allows easy transfer of cash into a secure safe at point of sale. The slot is designed to allow notes to be inserted without the needs to open the door, allowing ease of security.


Dominator UC-2 deposit safe

The same volume as the UC-1, the UC-2 cash deposit box is the next size in the series which changes the orientation to a longer, shorter configuration to allow for envelopes or to fit where other sizes cannot. With such a small door and opening, it limits the ability for attacks on the door of the safe, making it stronger when it needs to be.


Dominator UC-3 deposit safe

The largest of the 3 under counter cash deposit safes, the UC-3 provides more space for point of sale cash deposits, ensuring security where it is most needed.

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Why Dominator?

There are many options available when choosing a safe to secure your most valued possessions, as well as securing business essentials. Dominator Safes is in a class of its own when it comes to providing solutions for these requirements, as well as a variety of specialty applications.

High security safes come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for different environments and applications. Commercial safes, domestic safes, fire safes, gun safe, drug safe, all types have different requirements that must be met in their unique ways.

Our firearm safes are made with a minimum of two times the regulation requirements of material thickness and security locking devices, using only the best safe locks brands from around the globe.

Dominator Safes' pharmaceutical drug safes are made to exceed all State and Territory regulatory requirements for Scheduled drug storage and provide adaptable, easy-to-use locking solutions to make integration simple.

Our commercial safes cater for cash management, sensitive information and industrial equipment storage applications, ensuring the best solution to all commercial industries.

Dominator Safes domestic range provide unparalleled home security storage, combining convenience with integrity and function, making them the number one domestic security and fire safe in the Country.