HS 1

While the HS-1 is the smallest in the series, it is still large enough to securely store vital A4 documents inside. Secured by 3 extra-large 32mm diameter locking bolts, the HS-1 is the perfect domestic safe.

HS 2

An efficient use of space, additional locking points and increased security features found in the HS-2 safe allow it to provide unrivalled value for money.

HS 3

Commercial internal sizing in a domestic safe allows for higher than average storage capacity requirements without needing to pay for unnecessary commercial safe features.

HS 4

The increased height in the HS-4 improves accessibility without imposing further on floor space. The narrow profile allows installations where limited depth of space is available.

HS 5

Using the same footprint as the HS-3 size, the large HS-5 provides 150L of secure storage capacity, ensuring high-level security for large volume secure storage.

DS 0

The DS-0 is an exceptional domestic or commercial safe, providing high security and long fire protection in a compact size. 40mm thick walls ensure maximum resistance to forced entry while insulating from intense fire attacks.

DS 1

With the increased height and depth in the DS-1, the volume increases by over 60% compared to the previous size, making the DS-1 exceptional value for high security domestic, or low volume commercial safe applications.

DS 2

The DS-2 is the first size to include the large commercial safe footprint, making it the perfect solution for securing cash register till drawers and large valuables, protecting them from theft and fire. The DS-2 is also the first of the DS Series safes to provide dual internal relocking devices and 3 directional locking bolts for added security.

DS 3

Using the same footprint as the DS-2, the DS-3 provides 97L of secure storage and protection from fire. With 6 locking points around the door, the DS-3 provides exceptional protection against forced entry and intense fire.

DS 4

Standing over 1m tall, the DS-4 is the perfect high volume commercial safe. The tall narrow orientation reduces the amount of floor space required and making it easy to install through narrow doorways. While providing large amounts of internal secure storage, the DS-4 also makes regular access simple and easy.

DS 5

The Huge DS-5 provides extra large volume storage in high security and high fire resistance applications. The 397L internal capacity make it one of the largest certified fire and theft safe in the Australian market. Suitable for secure storage of high value and sensitive items as well as for Pharmaceutical use.

Dominator FA-65

While the FA-65 is the smallest in the series, it does not take anything away from the extreme security that comes with all FA series safes. UL Certified security ratings, using 4 directional boltwork, locked by 2 independent locking devices the FA-65 allows high value items and cash to be secured within a compacted design.

Dominator FA-80

Like the FA-65 the FA-80 might be one of the smaller sized units but still backs itself up with all the security one could need. With all FA series it has 2 independent locking devices with a TDR door making the FA-80 the perfect safe for those high valuables with a little more internal space to play with.

Dominator FA-100

FA-100 provides maximum level of security in a medium sized commercial safe. With 60mm of high-pressured unique concrete composite with TDR door giving it the UL-TL15 Certification.

Dominator FA-140

At almost 1 tonne in weight and offering over 300L of internal security storage the FA-140 now fill the large volume requirement with the highest of security.

Dominator FA-180

At 1.8m tall, the physically imposing FA-180 provides high level security for large volume storage applications. 16 locking bolts secure the door of this 1500kg safe.


The FX-80 is the smallest certified $250,000 cash rated safe in the range. Providing resistance to grinders, torches and drills, this model is suitable for ultra-high value applications


The FX-80 is the smallest certified $250,000 cash rated safe in the range. Providing resistance to grinders, torches and drills, this model is suitable for ultra-high value applications

Are you looking for a fire-resistant safe to protect your most important possessions? At Dominator Safes, we stock a range of safes that are available in different sizes to provide adequate protection against fire, as well as burglary and forced removal. Dominator Safes supply fireproof safes to the Australian market and have authorised stockists located in AdelaideBrisbaneMelbournePerth and Sydney. We also work with stockists in other cities and locations around the country to provide safes that offer security and insulation from fire. If you require a fireproof safe for your home or business, our team at Dominator Safes are here to help you choose a product that meets your needs. Ensure you’ve got the best protection for your assets by browsing our fire-resistant safe range below. To find your nearest stockist in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia, contact us today.

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There are many options available when choosing a safe to secure your most valued possessions, as well as securing business essentials. Dominator Safes is in a class of its own when it comes to providing solutions for these requirements, as well as a variety of specialty applications. High security safes come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for different environments and applications. Commercial safes, domestic safes, fire safes, gun safe, drug safe, all types have different requirements that must be met in their unique ways. Our firearm safes are made with a minimum of two times the regulation requirements of material thickness and security locking devices, using only the best safe locks brands from around the globe. Dominator Safes' pharmaceutical drug safes are made to exceed all State and Territory regulatory requirements for Scheduled drug storage and provide adaptable, easy-to-use locking solutions to make integration simple. Our commercial safes cater for cash management, sensitive information and industrial equipment storage applications, ensuring the best solution to all commercial industries. Dominator Safes domestic range provide unparalleled home security storage, combining convenience with integrity and function, making them the number one domestic security and fire safe in the Country.

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