The Dominator Safes’ FA Series are specially designed cash and valuables safes that incorporate custom fabricated anti-penetration steel framework with pressurised concrete to provide high levels of security where extra protection is essential.

Including 5 size variations, catering for different storage requirements, as well as multiple locking configurations to provide efficient and effective security solutions.

Stringent testing for fire protection and penetration resistance ensures quality and economy in every safe.


While the FA-65 is the smallest in the series, it does not take anything away from the extreme security that comes with all FA series safes. UL Certified security ratings, using 4 directional boltwork, locked by 2 independent locking devices the FA-65 allows high value items and cash to be secured within a compacted design.


Like the FA-65 the FA-80 might be one of the smaller sized units but still backs itself up with all the security one could need. With all FA series it has 2 independent locking devices with a TDR door making the FA-80 the perfect safe for those high valuables with a little more internal space to play with.


FA-100 provides maximum level of security in a medium sized commercial safe. With 60mm of high-pressured unique concrete composite with TDR door giving it the UL-TL15 Certification.


At almost 1 tonne in weight and offering over 300L of internal security storage the FA-140 now fill the large volume requirement with the highest of security.


At 1.8m tall, the physically imposing FA-180 provides high level security for large volume storage applications. 16 locking bolts secure the door of this 1500kg safe.

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    Fire can be devastating, but you can reduce the potential impact on your life and protect your valuables by installing a fire-resistant safe.

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    As unfortunate as it is, there is a growing need to secure your business and personal valuables from theft, and a quality burglar safe is the best place to start.

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    Strict and highly detailed quality inspections are undertaken at multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the best possible product gets delivered every time.

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