With compact sizing and direct locking configuration, the DR-1 is the most cost efficient, compliant drug cabinet. Available with key, combination or electronic digital lock options, the DR-1 is also versatile enough to allow simple day to day operation.


Spacious and functional, the DR-2 provides exceptional value with wall and floor mounting provisions to cater for different installation configurations and can be easily converted to any lock type.


The largest size in the series offers a huge 112L storage capacity and over 170kgs of solid steel to provide an intimidating fixture where secure substance storage is required.


With its low height design the PH-1 allows for under bench installation to utilise the limited space in storefront installations and with over 250kgs and a huge 253L capacity, this unit allows you to maximise your storage of controlled substances.


The PH-2 standing at just over 1m tall is the perfect unit for high volume storage while still remaining compact enough for installing through narrow doorways and saving that precious floor space. With its additional height over the PH-1 it allows for easier physical and visual access to the safe.


With its reduced depth the PH-3 helps prevent a large impact on floor space but stands tall at 1.5m which makes this unit perfect for environments where floor space is limited but height is of no issue. With a fire rating of 105 minutes and a secondary glass re-locker plate as well as other security previsions this unit is an extremely secure safe from both fire & theft.


The huge PH-4 provides extra large volume storage in high security and high fire resistance application. The 407L internal capacity makes it one of the largest certified fire & theft safes for the storage of controlled substances in the Australian market.

Looking to hold small or large quantities of controlled substances on your premises? At Dominator Safes, we have designed two ranges of safes with varying sizes to meet any requirements you may have from convenient shop front storage to large volume back storage.
Storage of controlled substances is vital and is regulated by Australian law. Dominator drug / pharmaceutical safes are designed to comply with all relevant requirements while providing the best possible value for money.
Supplying safes to the Australian market and with authorised stockists located in AdelaideBrisbaneMelbournePerth and Sydney, meaning wherever you are located we will be able to help your with your vital storage requirements.

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There are many options available when choosing a safe to secure your most valued possessions, as well as securing business essentials. Dominator Safes is in a class of its own when it comes to providing solutions for these requirements, as well as a variety of specialty applications. High security safes come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for different environments and applications. Commercial safes, domestic safes, fire safes, gun safe, drug safe, all types have different requirements that must be met in their unique ways. Our firearm safes are made with a minimum of two times the regulation requirements of material thickness and security locking devices, using only the best safe locks brands from around the globe. Dominator Safes' pharmaceutical drug safes are made to exceed all State and Territory regulatory requirements for Scheduled drug storage and provide adaptable, easy-to-use locking solutions to make integration simple. Our commercial safes cater for cash management, sensitive information and industrial equipment storage applications, ensuring the best solution to all commercial industries. Dominator Safes domestic range provide unparalleled home security storage, combining convenience with integrity and function, making them the number one domestic security and fire safe in the Country.

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